***Important Medicare Important***

Those retirees that are just qualifying for Medicare must be covered under part A and part B. If you are not covered by Part A and Part B you will lose your health coverage from the City of Syracuse.

City of Syracuse Health Insurance

Those who retired under the currant contract will pay $60.00 per month for single coverage and $75.00 per month for family coverage until they become Medicare eligible. Effective March 1, 2007, the City of Syracuse Health Insurance Program was changed as follows:

Retiree Spousal Benefits

Many of the questions that we receive regarding retiree benefits occur after the death of a retired firefighter. To make the benefit process easier during this difficult time, we would like to provide the following information. As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at (315) 446-3415 or click here to send an e-mail to Fred Cholet, President of the Syracuse Retired Fire Fighters Association.

In the case of the death of a retired Syracuse fire fighter, please notify the following entities. Note that a copy of the original death certificate must accompany notification.
  1. New York State Police & Fire Retiree System
    110 State St.
    Albany, NY 12244

  2. Social Security Administration
    (800) 772-1213

  3. Notify Paul Motondo, President of Local 280
    Syracuse Fire Fighters Insurance Fund
    PO Box 11161
    Syracuse, NY 13218-1161
    (315) 475-0766

  4. Health Insurance: (315) 448-8788
    In the case of the death of a Syracuse retired firefighter, a spouse will pay directly to the City of Syracuse $88.00 per month to receive the same coverage as before. The spouse will be notified one time and then it is their responsibility to pay each month.