In Memoriam

We would like to pay tribute to the following Syracuse Retired Firefighters who have passed away this year. Please keep the families and friends of these firefighters in your thoughts.

Richard Doner - 5/1/19

Gerald Edward Grosso - 6/16/19

Robert L. Roskopf - 6/22/19

Donald J. Keegan - 10/14/19

Peter F. Bazydlo - 11/27/19

Christopher Wayne Rhodes - 11/30/19

William Hickok - 12/27/19

Larry McCafferty, Sr. - 1/26/20

Paul Egan - 2/26/20

Dave Sinclair - 3/17/20
Long-time Treasurer of the Syracuse Retired Firefighters Association

John Rosmarino - 4/7/20

Donald J. Grovine, Sr.  - 4/23/20

Raymond J. Ryan - 4/25/20

H. Thomas Laun - 4/29/20
After retiring, Tom Laun took on the responsibility of announcing the Roll Call of firefighters names who died in line of duty deaths each year at the Collins Block Memorial ceremonies. He felt that the names were often mispronounced and, as he had known them all, was able to give them the honor which they deserved. He did a great job as he did in the many positions he held as a proud retired member of our Fire Department. Tom also drew up plans to honor all Firefighters who lost their lives in the tragic 9/11 disaster and arranged a memorial stone in the side yard of Engine 17 on Midler Avenue. Always faithful to the department he loved, he also was a member of the Bereaved Retirees who represented the department at funerals for our Brothers. Tom will be missed for his deep devotion to the Department, his hearty laugh and constant willingness to always be the first to step up in any time of need.

James L. Cummings - 5/19/20