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SRFA President Robert Smith Retires After 35 Years

"I have done many things in the 35 years while having the honor of serving as President of the Syracuse Retired Firefighters Association. Now for the first time, I am in the position of saying goodbye. Throughout the years, there have been many officers and members of the Board who have dedicated their time and talents to our association. I wish to thank each of them for their support and commitment.

As a retiree, your involvement as a member of the Syracuse Retired Firefighters Association is fundamental to its strength and continued growth. I wish the very best to the officers and members of the board led by Fred Cholet who will be assuming the position as your new President.

Wishing you all continued good health, happiness, and a successful 2016.

Fraternally, Bob Smith

City of Syracuse Health Insurance

Earlier this year, all Firefighter Retirees and Widows enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B received notification from the City of Syracuse outlining the change in their Health benefit coverage from Pomco to Humana, plus a booklet from Humana with brief details of their new coverage. 

The City of Syracuse contracted with Humana to bring Medicare Advantage Plan coverage (Medicare Part C) as a replacement to traditional Medicare to retired city employees starting on January 1, 2015.  The Drug policy will remain the same with ProAct of Gouvenour, NY remaining the 90 day mail order pharmacy with 30 day prescriptions to be filled by local pharmacies.

Let's Fight Cancer

Please note that we are providing access to a web site link as requested by Bill Newland of the Binghamton retirees. As noted, it is dedicated to the mission of eradicating cancer: http://www.letsfirecancer.org.